samedi 22 mai 2010

#220510 - I won't live in Joe's Appartment.

An "i'm gonna tell you my life" post.

Well, easy to tell, but i don't know what to start with!

Let's try.
I'm a bit confused in my life those days. School-tests time is coming (and so hopefully i'll be graduate soon... hopefully!), i'm still looking for a job to do next year, and looking for a flat too.
I'm so stressed.
You know, i just don't know ANYTHING about my coming-next life. Everything is so dark now.

I plan to visit few flats on next week. Hope i'll find something ok quickly.
(You can't imagine how many slums that estate agencies named FLATS! And with exorbitant rents, of course!)
I need to be sure of something.
To make some plans. Finally.

I spent some good times at my parents on mon/wed/thursday.
It made me calmer.
In a certain way.
Now i'm back "home" and stressed again.

Btw, during "family break", met Blandine IRL for the first time.
And it was a good moment.

I have to focus on good things though.

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