mercredi 2 juin 2010

Guten Tag.

Ok, here are the facts.
I put a 'bot on my blog to see, you know, where are my readers from and so on. And discovered TODAY that i've been tagged by Lou & Marie.
As i already said, and repeated, i'm not really a blogger. I'm just a bored girl somewhere in France, who writes some things, sometimes.
But i feel pretty honoured.
And so now i have to tag by myself :)

The rules are:

1. Put the tag on you blog
2. Name the one who tagged
3. Answer the 5 questions.
4. Tag yourself 10 other people

- Particular sign: i've got some bodmods my family doesn't know.
- One bad souvenir: one time, and only ONE, my mother cooked my brother and i some Crosnes (google translator said artichokes but it's absolutely not the good word, but actually, i don't know the right one), i can swear my mom never tried again. It was like eating HUGE WOODWORM. I've never tasted it since. Maybe i should. Well, no, it's really tooooooo scary!
- Childhood memorie: hard to choose one and only one! To tell something about food, hummmmmmm, i've always been such a gourmet, but i just can't be moderate with the things i love. Like i always ate all my candies on one time, and then i was such a bitch with my brother, in order to have more. Sometimes it worked. :D
- Default: i'm half crazy happy / half depressed
- One "good-mood" movie: complete filmography of Woody Allen.

Now i have to tag few bloggers. And actually it's the hardest part.
What about: Annie & Heikki, Nina, Marion, Camille, Mingou, Amber, Naomi, Blandine, Maren, Virginie, Tukru.

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