vendredi 13 août 2010

A new beginning.

Maybe it's time for me today to blog again.
I wrote few things those last weeks, but never publish.
It's hard to talk with someone, to tell something, when you actually just don't know, what to tell, what you're thinking about, and so on.

I had a few mistakes on past months.
Troubles with myself.
And others. Because of that.
I lost a few people i used to care about. Because of negative behaviour and mind.
And i realized.
That everything MUST change.
and that i have to, first.

Most of everything, i've quite lost the guy i love.
Because of me.

So i decided to be help.
Had my first date with a doctor yesterday.
I need to understand why sometimes i feel so deeply sad, why i have so much doubts, and why i do everything to lose the ones i love.

I know it's better not to wait so much.
You know.
Not to be so impatient.
Things have to take their time to be better. And solid.

I don't want to blog to be such a crybaby.
But i felt like i have to explain those weeks of silence.
And the reason of this new beginning.

I think today i don't want to be just a blog-writer and blog-reader as i used to be.
I really want to share things.
To receive words and give so much love.

Hope you're fine and will be there.
I'll be for you.

Pom//Deer Prudence.

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