samedi 17 décembre 2011

Cold saturday evening. Waiting for the night.
Nothing special to do though.
Sounds like an habit, and now i really wanted to do something fun.
But i'm so poor i don't even have enough cash to THINK ABOUT doing something.
No coins in my purse but a bat family.


I'm DLing stuff to watch tonight, and planning tomorrow tea-time, for once i'll share it with a friend.
I'd probably bake some christmas-time-goods. Hot apple cider and lemon cuppies maybe.

For now i listen to my friend Tom's 4 tracks demo. How badass is this?

Take a look at the new Lecube sound too (did you recognize his voice on Tom's Howling?).
Christmas spirit.

lecube's Christmas Song from julien barbagallo on Vimeo.


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