dimanche 9 mai 2010


I guess i was not so wordy those past few days. Sometimes i just hate myself of being that much cerebral. Always thinking about empty things and infertile debats.
But to paraphrase a famous poet the times they are a-changing.

At least i'll do my best to.

Telling you about something else, i lived a quite weird situation on thursday night.
I went to a concert with friends and for the first time meet a girl i already knew by her blog. As i already told you about i don't considere myself as a blogger, and even not as a blog-reader. I pay a lot of attention to some, but i'm not... well actualy i'm not "don't know what". I just feel like.
I'm always on to meet cool new people so it was pretty cool but yeah, weird. Maybe because it wasn't planified?
Did you already experience it?

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  2. First, I love that you write in English because I get to answer you in English, yeah! I am too much cerebral myself, I guess that's more of a feminine trait... Love that you quote Bob Dylan, one of my favorite poet!
    That's funny, I lived a similar situation last week: I went to a concert with a friend, and there was a blogger I "know". I am kind of shy, so I didn't dare talk to her, especially since I never left a message on her blog (still shy, yes!), but it was strange to see her in flesh and blood.

    PS: I erased my previous comment because I made a grammatical mistake (which is intolerable for someone studying English!).


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