jeudi 10 juin 2010


Tonight i feel just deeply sad and angry.
I'm still like a 13y.old girl.
I still believe in every people i love.
I still think that things are gonna change.

But reality is far away from my wishes.

'Cause i'm almost 25.
And i always cry.
I cry because i love them more.
I cry because i'm always disappointed.

I'm sick with one-way love.

Why does nobody could understand that i'm REALLY entire.
And when i love, people or things, or thoughts, or EVERYTHING, i do it with whole my body and soul.
And when i'm disappointed again, it's just like a little death.

I died lots of times.
But never lived.

1 commentaire:

  1. Oh ma Pom!!!
    J'aime pas te savoir comme ça! Appelle moi si tu veux aller boire un coup, ou discuter ou même les deux!!!!
    Des bisous je pense à toi!


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