lundi 1 novembre 2010

#011110 - Sunny Day

Today i make a two-for-one offer.
Two ads in the same post, wouhou.

One year ago i told you about my friend Romain Quirot, who is film-maker.
You can watch some of his personnal works here. And professional ones there.

Today let me tell you about his girlfriend too, Julie, whom is a great talented singer.

Sunny Day - Loheem from los bigos on Vimeo.

She started her solo-project Loheem in high school (yeaaaars ago so) and i'm really happy because she has now a pretty cool ascension of popularity and so on.
Her songs are amazing, and this uptake Romain made for her is such a great compliment.

You can listen or read more about on her Myspace or Noomiz page. And be a fan via Facebook.

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